Advertisers may want to give to networks or affiliates direct access to the fraud screening results inside Fraudshield. As filter settings may change on the advertiser side it is important that this is beeing reflected on what the network / publisher sees. This eliminates the need for manual reports and builds trust between Advertisers and Affiliates. 

The Fraudshield Account Synchronisation feature allows Advertiser to give access to specific partners, affiliate or products. The receiving partner can only see the data that the advertiser chose for him to view. This view can be extended and removed at any time by clicking on the Internet. It is important to note that an active Fraudshield account is needed to allow account synchronization. Networks and Affiliates that are not using Fraudshield as their Fraud Detection solution may opt for a specifically designed plan for unlimited amount of conversion synchronisation. Account synchronisation between Fraudshield customers is unlimited and free of charge. 

Setting up Account Synchronisation:

1. In Fraudshield: Go to Integrations>Setup>Account Sync

2. Select Account Sync form the Tab Menu bar

3. Send out the Guest Access Invitation through the interface. Select the product / partner or affiliate this specific User should be able to access. You can edit / remove access at any time.

Managing your Guest Access Invitations

Managing your already sent or received invitations is done through a simple interface. At any time you can edit / remove already sent access to partners. 

Guest Access Invitations from partners are being listed in the Received Guest Access Invitations section below.

Accessing Account Sync Reports:

Once the received Account Synchronization invitation has been accepted you can select  it in the reports (Converison Report / Fraud Report).

Account Synchronization start with Account Sync - Name of the integration

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