In this section you can find all the information relevant to your invoice.

The screenshot shows an example invoice explaining all the different details:

In general it is important to know that we use a pre-payment system at 24metrics.
You will be charged at the first of the month for the current month (e.g. 1st of October, for October).

  1. The field #1 shows the address of 24metrics as well as the address of your business (including the business name) -- In this case it is  24metrics again since it is an example. Please make sure this name is correct in your FraudShield account (Under "Settings") to  have everything correct in your personal invoice.
  2. The field #2 shows the payment method that you are using. Note, when it says "Automatically charged via Credit Card" you don't have to transfer the money again since the system automatically charges your card and sends out the invoice to you.
  3. The field #3 shows the date of the invoice (Date of the Invoice as well as the Due date). Please make sure to pay on time since the system will otherwise shut down your account.
  4. The field #4 shows the amounts that you will be charged. In this case, the base fee occured as well as an overcharge fee from last month.
  5. The field #5 shows the payment information in case you need to make a wire transfer.

In case of any further questions, you can always reach out to

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