Goals, also known as post install events, are actions the end user performs after making the conversion. *

I.e. the user installs an app, which is the conversion event, and then makes an in-app purchase, which would be the post conversion event or goal.

In order to further fine-tune the scanning process alongside the filtration settings, conversions that reach a predefined goal can be set to automatically receive the approved status.**

In order to do so, navigate to Integration and then select the blue Integrations button of the integration tracker you would like to edit like in the picture below:

Once inside the integration window select the Whitelist Goals tab, type in the goal IDs which will whitelist conversions (mark conversions retroactively as approved) and press enter, turn the Goal Whitelisting Button on and finally click on Update

  • If you do not know where to get the goal IDs from, please check out the Goal Report. All goals are listed in there.

** While reaching a goal is considered to be good retention, not all goals are the same. Installing an app and then having to open the app twice is easily reachable by a fraudster while in-app purchases or completing multiple levels of a game are far better indicators of real retention.

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