In order to integrate via Postback/ S2S/ API, once logged in into Fraudshield:

  • navigate from the top menu to the Integration tab
  • click on + New Tracker
  • add an Integration name
  • click on Custom API / Integrate via Postback (S2S)
  • and click Create

Now click on Integrations

Once inside the Postback Integration Wizard build your own custom Click / Conversion / Goal Macros by selecting the corresponding endpoints.

In order to pass any extra parameter via the Postback simply append:


to the post-back link, where "parameter1" is the parameter name and "1234" is the value. The parameter name be freely chosen as long as it does not collide with any internal parameter names.

When done copy the Postback URL from our interface and paste it inside your tracking system. 

Important: Only integrate paid traffic, and not organic.

Postback Integration Video

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