FilterGroups allow customisation to run Filters in specific settings for an Advertiser, Offer or Affiliate. If there is a Group defined for a specific combination, the Default Filter settings apply. This is useful when you have different types of Advertisers, with different Fraud Level settings. In this case you could define settings for ClickSpam for a specific Advertiser, to be different than for another. The same applies to Affiliates, where one Affiliate may run Incentivised Traffic and therefore showing different traffic patterns, than what normally is expected. Through FilterGroups you can treat this Affiliate differently from the rest.

To create a Filter Group go to > Integration > Integration Name > Filters

Adding a new Filter Group is easy. Simply click on the "Add" Button and define a meaningful Name for the Group. Define which Partners, Products or Affiliates it shall apply to. It is recommend to group it by logical categories, that belong together. An example could be something such as "Incentivised Traffic" or "iOS Games India". This evades loosing oversight when creating too many filter groups.

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