Installs should always come from the latest version that the official app-store hosts. Reasons why users would have a different version would be that packages are being installed from unofficial app store or through emulators. Both are unwanted and should not be allowed. This is a form of SDK Fraud. 

To enable Wrong App:

>Integration>Filters > SDK-Fraud>Wrong App Versions

Parameter Mapping:

If you are not using the app-id / app-version parameter you need to map the data-points inside Fraudshield. You can do this under

Integration > Setup > Parameter Mapping

Map the corresponding parameter like a sub_id to the right destination. It is required to map both App-ID and App-version.

Valid App-Versions can also be added manually by clicking on the "Update manually" Button in the Filter.

CSV Upload for multiple versions. This has to follow the specific format:


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