Dynamic Postback enables you to fire Postbacks to thirdparties after the filtration of Fraudshield. 

Dynamic postback can be used for rejecting conversions on any type of platform including both comercial ones such as Affise, Adjust, Hasoffers or Everflow as well as custom built tracking platforms which can connect via the API.

In order to do so what happens is conversions get sent to 24metrics, which then fires the conversions to the affiliates instead of your tracking platform doing so. This way the affiliate only receives the conversions that are approved. 

Further customization allows that only conversions rejected for a specific reason are not fired to the affiliate or specific conversions belonging to a specific source (Products, Partners, Affiliates or combinations thereof).

Finally the Postback Delay refers to when the postbacks are fired.

  • Live Postback Delay means postbacks are fired as soon as conversions are scanned by the live filters (shown on the right side of the interface with the title Live)
  • 6 hour Delay means conversions are fired after they are also scanned by overview filters, which run every 6 hours. Overview filters provide a more accurate filtration as they check for patterns occurring in large amounts of data which cannot be detected by simply looking at individual conversions.

>Integration>Tracker>Dynamic Postback Tab

1. Define the Postback (You can pass custom parameters by clicking on the "See all Parameters" Link. You can also pass extra parameters that are being passed to Fraudshield when included in brackets.

e.g. hasOffers_payout = {hasOffers_payout}

2. Set custom postbacks for specific affililiate or partners. 

3. Set the Postback Delay Time. 

Fraudshield internal parameters:

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