To integrate Hasoffers in Clickshield please follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard.

1. Go to Integrations > Select Hasoffers in the Integration

Active:  Sets the Integration to active. Disabling it will disable Click Tracking
Monitoring Mode: When set active it will always forward all clicks (whether approved or not) to the HasOffers integration.

2. Configure the Setup

Step 1:

  • Points your HasOffers Tracking URL to CNAME
  • Create a TXT record with a value of ClickShield for Domain verification by TXT Record

Step 2:

HasOffers Tracking Domain: This is to redirect approved traffic to your HasOffers Integration. You can find the settings in HasOffers under > Customize Application > Domain

Please choose the URL and only copy the SubDomain into Clickshield.

Step 3:

To track conversions also in Clickshield select a SubID for the Clickshield Transaction to be passed to Hasoffers. Ensure that it does not collide with existing SubID Data. 

Place the Converison Postback into your Hasoffers Postback Setup to be called on each conversion for all Offers / All Affiliates.

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