Parameters are properties of conversions that are displayed in our Conversion Report. Some of them have special meaning, and affect the way data is calculated for other reports.

List of Parameter Definitions


Unique identifier of each conversion in our system.

Request Time

The Date and Time of when the conversion was made. It uses the following format: 2014-07-01 20:22:34

Session Time

The number of hours, minutes, seconds it took a user to make a conversion. Format: 01:30:22


The page that the traffic comes from, preceding the landing page.


The Country, as detected by our GeoIP system.

IP Address

The user's IP address. We get the IP from the user's browser and not the server's, so this will always show relevant information.

Affiliate Source

The affiliate id as passed to us via integration.

Uses the param name fs_aff_source.


The partner id as passed to us via integration.

Uses the param name fs_p_id.


The product id as passed to us via integration.

Uses the param name fs_product_id.

User Agent

The unique string of characters representing a particular browser / device / operating system combination.

Operating System

Whenever we can, we analyze the User Agent to obtain the Operating System and it's version. If this information is unavailable it will not show up under this field.


Contains the Browser and it's version as computed from the User Agent


It is gathered through the same method as Browser and OS, but it's mostly relevant in case of Mobile Devices, because Desktop Browsers do not usually list the device type.


Can be either a Conversion or a Click.


Can be nothing(in case of clicks), rejected or approved. Rejected signifies a conversion that we deem to be fraud, whereas accepted is the opposite. Please keep in mind that even if a conversion has the status of "accepted", it means that our system did not automatically flag it as fraud, but if the score is high enough (>80%) it may be suspicious.


A unique string of characters representing a particular device. It takes many factors into consideration when it is computed and will have a very high precision of recognizing a unique device.


The explanation for a rejected conversion.

Integration Referer

Mostly information for debugging purposes, it lists the webpage where the conversion came from, in essence the integration page.